This Japanese-style inn, Chikudensaryo(チクデンサリョウ), is located on slope of hill from which Taketa city(Bamboo rice field.) can be seen like a bird's-eye view. It is being wealthy in a tasteful nature through the four seasons. Then, you can see a beautiful view of Kuju mountain range(This is the highest mountain in Kyushu.). There is an old dwelling, Chikudenso(チクデンソウ), where Tanomura Chikuden(タノムラチクデン)(1777~1835) lived in the lower left. There is a Bukeyashiki-dori(Warrior Residence Street) in the lower right. To the east of our hotel, It is about a twenty minute walk, there is a historic site of a castle, Okajo-shi(Ruins of Oka castle), which was made a motif in the music of Kojonotsuki(Moon at the Ruined Castle) which Taki Rentaro(タキレンタロウ) composed. Here is conveniently located for historical sites sightseeing(シセキタンボウ). The spring water of Taketa was qualified as "best 100 pure water of Japan". Our tap water is spring water. Our food materials are cooked with this water. We are providing Bean curd of our original Tofu-Dengaku(Bean curd on skewer is like the appearance of dancing and music originally performed at agricultural festivals.) cuisine, Seasonal cuisine, Enoha cuisine(small landlocked salmon), Atama cuisine(the food of the head of the big fish which is in the sea.) and so on. We are making an effort for being able to have a lot of delightful remembrance of the trip for the visitor. Please relax yourself!

2420 Taketa Taketa-city Oita Japan

Telephone number;  81-974-63-3261
 FAX number;   81-974-63-0508

      The access by the traffic;
  Approximately 15 minutes walk from  
  Bungo-Taketa Station on JR Hohi line.
  From Kumamoto Interchange 
  on the Kyushu Expressway 
  it is approximately 70 km.

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