Samurai Residence Streetブケヤシキドオリ

There are old samurai residences in Tonomachi that is in the southern part of the castle town. There were Samurai Residences in a row on both sides in Tonomachi Street and can understand from "Oka Castle Town's houses figure" in 1787. The warrior who lived in this street had different official matter respectively, and it seems that they had approximately 100 and several tens Koku. The Koku means the value of the official crop of rice that was used for the breadth of the land that one Koku equals about five bushels. As for this street, the mud wall and the gate are on both sides, and they make us remember the past, and the length is about 120m. Specifically, the mud wall endures a snowstorm for a long time and makes us feel the dignity of the history. The Gate of Chugen tenement house style of Furuta's home exists to harmonize to this appearance. Chugen means the boss of the servant of warrior or means the loyal retainers who directly served their Samurai masters. It dismantled the Gate of Chugen tenement house style of Furuta's home in 1988, and it repaired and it was saved. It was proved that the Gate of tenement house style which was built in 1847 was origin of half of this Gate of Chugen tenement house style, and It seems that the Chugen tenement house style was used during the Edo period. It was rebuilt afterwards by the current Gate of tenement house style, and connected to the conventional Chugen tenement house style that had been used to bring up silkworms in the early of Meiji era. The part of Chugen tenement house style was repaired just as those days, and has been saved without hurt the appearance of Warrior Residence Street in Tonmachi.