Tanomura Chikudenタノムラチクデン

Who was the greatest person of Bungo Southern School of Chinese painting was born in Taketa as the second son of Oka feudal clan's medical doctor in 1777. He quitted the medical profession, and worked at feudal clan school,Yugakkan, at 22 years old and taught a child. Then, he became pupil of study under Karahashi Kunzan(カラハシクンザン), 'a doctor, a Confucian scholar and a scholar of Chinese classics' and Ito Kyoga(イトウキョウガ), and took on editorship of Bungokokushi, 'History of Oita. Also, he went out in Edo and learned from Furuya Sekiyo(フルヤセキヨウ) and since then showed great talent in painting and poetry. He had a lot of acquaintances of literary men and an artist doing calligraphy, such as Rai Sanyo(ライサンヨウ), 'a Confucian, a poet and a historian' and Shinozaki Shochiku(シノザキショウチク). Also, he acquired to the Japanese tea ceremony and the Japanese flower arrangement in literary arts. In the Southern School of Chinese painting, he learned the basics in Fuchino Shinsai(フチノシンサイ), Watanabe Hoto(ワタナベホウトウ), 'the painter of Oka feudal clan'. Furthermore he established the Chinese brush painting techniques and completed the personal form and a state of himself, and raised a lot of geniuses besides Tanomura Chokunyu(タノムラチョクニュウ), Takahashi Sohei(タカハシソウヘイ), Hoashi Kyou(ホアシキョウウ) and he reached the highest peak in Japanese Southern School of Chinese painting world. It was built the Chikudenso that is on the hill which overlooks row of houses along a town street in Taketa for Chikuden to concentrate on painting. He made "Fushigin" the last thing he wrote before his death at the Oka feudal clan warehouse of Nakanoshima in Osaka in 1835 because he was sick and died at 59 years old.