Tanomura Chikuden (1777 - 1835 ) who was in the highest peak at the Japanese southern school of Chinese painting lived in Chikudenso which is in Tonomachi of Taketa. It is a dengaku that he grilled it and ate it in tidbits of the liquor when he sometimes held a meeting with Banzan Kumazawa who was his friend. The hill at the back of "Chikudenso" or "Chikudensaryo" is called Kanno mountain and called "Dengaku-mountain" in a common name. If you climb the mountain, you can get a bird's-eye view of Taketa City and there is a trace which grilled dengaku on the rock that was dug in the hollow at top of the mountain. The one which the founder Iehara Morito of the "Chikudensaryo" that is on the Dengaku mountain originated without help by getting a hint in Chikuden is "Tofu-Dengaku". It strains reddish miso first, and adds the liquor, sugar and broth, then it kneads on hot water in a pot. It cuts tofu in 2cm thickness in 3cm width in 5cm length and it skewers. Next, it covers both sides with the dried cloth and it soaks up moisture. After doing biscuit, it spread the above-mentioned miso on the tofu with the bamboo spatula. Finally, It puts young leaf of Japanese pepper tree on one of it after grilled, then you can eat it while it is warm.