A historical sketch of Chikudensaryoチクデンサリョウ

The Chikudensaryo was a tea house at the time of the establishment of a business. This place was a samurai residence that located in halfway up a mountain of Mt. Dengaku. Kusakari Shokoku(クサカリショウコク) who had learned in Kyoto was a grandchild pupil of Tanomura Chikuden(タノムラチクデン)(1777~1835) and founder Iehara Morito(イエハラモリト) were childhood friend, so the name of Chikudensaryo was named by him. The forerunner of Chikudensaryo was a restaurant which was called Ichimiro(イチミロウ) that was in a town. Originally the owner was a progeny of the samurai who did transference of a daimyo from one fief to another with Oka feudal lord, Nakagawa,. This inn's founder started a teahouse in this place in 1935. Then he shifted in restaurant management, and it seems to came to serve as an inn. There were few buildings except a vegetable garden, a tea plantation and a clump of bamboo in the days of a beginning. It seems the garden was large and flower viewing, cherry blossom and Japanese azalea, had been enjoyed.