Old Chikudensoキュウチクデンソウ

It was built in 1790 for a painting at the home of Tanomura Chikuden(タノムラチクデン)(1777-1835) who was the master painter. There is a main building of two-storied house with tile-roofing, adjacent to the house that is called Hosetsuro where the pupils received a guidance of a painting. And then, there is a tea-ceremony house, Sosaiginsha, where Chikuden enjoyed tea ceremony with Rai Sanyo(ライ サンヨウ) (Scholar of Chinese classics). The 2nd floor is a study and called Tsuisuiro. Besides, there is a master painter palace on the western side. Also, there is a writing-brush burial mound in the garden.

Opening time  9:00-16:30 (Entry from 9:00am to 4:00pm)
Closure day  Every Monday, the day following of a public holiday (in the
 case of Friday to Monday, it is the next Tuesday),from 29th of
 December to third of January.
Admission fee  High school students and older pay full fare ⇒ 300 yen
 ・Primary and junior high school student ⇒ 200 yen
Telephone 0974-63-9699