Taki Rentaroタキレンタロウ

He composed imperishable famous tune "Moon at the Ruined Castle" and died 23 years old youthfully. He studied at the hometown of very beautiful scenery in the boyhood and the Oka castle was an ideal playground and cultivated the musical natural gifts from the inside of the nature which changes with the four seasons. He was born in Tokyo in 1879. He was 12 years old when his father was started for new post in Taketa as a director of Naoiri district in 1891. So, he was youngest '14 years old' and entered Tokyo music school after 2 years 4 months. Then, he composed the following music one after another. "Kinuta versification on February, 1897, the composition of Nihondanji on March and Harunoumi on July, Karenonoyukei versification on December, Shikinooboro composition in 1899, Menuetto composition on October, 1900, Shiki composition on November and obscure Kojo verse, Kojonotsuki・ Hakonehachiri・ Hotaiko in 1901." He left Yokohama to Germany by ship on April 6th in the same year and he entered Leipzig National Music School on October. He returned home without reaching his ambition because he had trouble of ill in the land of foreign country. Then, he composed "Urami" which is the last music on February 14th, 1903, and he was only 23 years and 10 months old when his life ended at hometown Oita on June 29th.

Commemoration Photograph