Taki Rentaroタキレンタロウ Memorial Hall (Old home)

It is a home where composer Taki Rentaro of Meiji era lived in 2 years and 4 months in Taketa. This old home was samurai residence, but Taki Yoshihiro who was the father of Taki Rentaro was started for new post in Taketa as a director of Naoiri district in 1891 and became his place of residence. The mementos and the documents of Taki Rentaro are remembered and opening to the public.

Opening time  9:00-17:00 (Entry from 9:00am to 4:30pm)
Closure day  from 29th of December to third of January
Admission fee  High school students and older pay full fare ⇒ 300 yen
 ・Primary and junior high school student ⇒ 200 yen
Telephone  0974-63-0559