Taketa City Historical Materials Hallタケタシレキシシリョウカン

Japanese government designated Taketa City as a traditional and cultural city for preservation and maintenance enterprise in 1978. And then, Taketa City historical materials hall opened in April 1981 as the main enterprise. It exhibits such as "the miniature of Oka castle", "Oribe stone garden lantern", "the currency of Oka feudal clan", "the posthumous works of the Bungo Southern School of Chinese painting of Tanomula Chikuden", and "the picture of Nakagawa feudal lord arrival in Misa port". And then it displays "the cannon with the crest of Oka feudal clan", "the command", "the stirrup of Oka feudal clan", "the memento of Taki Rentaro", "the memento of Hirose Takeo", and "the memento of Asakura Fumio" and so on.

Opening time  9:00~16:30(Entry from 9:00am to 4:00pm)
Closure day  Every Monday, the day following of a public holiday (in the case of Friday to Monday, it is the next Tuesday),
 from 29th of December to third of January
Admission fee  High school students and older pay full fare ⇒200yen・Primary and junior high school student ⇒100yen
Telephone 0974-63-1923