Sato Yoshimiサトウヨシミ

who was a poet and a writer of children's song and children's story was born in 1905 in Taketa City. When he was the student of Japanese literature course of Waseda University, he posted a message of the children's song to "Akaitori " and so on and stood out as the writer of children's song from the early age and he was expected. He continued to write a poem and the children's song when he was a teacher of Japanese. He completed nursery rhyme "Suzumenoki in 1932" and "Sonzai in 1959". He quit a teacher in 1966 and worked in the child publishing section of Japan publishing culture society and he began to write children's story from this time. He wrote an early childhood children's story of " Pukumaukuma " and " Raiontotauhau" and so on in 1966. Sato Yoshimi as the writers of juvenile story released the children's song of a novel idea like " Arukinasaiyoyukidaruma" in 1974. After that, he got to wrote a lot of children's story for radio and television such as "NHK Utanoobasan" and "ABC Kodomonouta" (Asahi TV Station) and so on. Furthermore it was composed by the excellent composers such as "Aisukurimunouta" and "Kotoriyanotorisan" were composed by Hattori Koichi, "Inunoomawarisan" and "Basunouta" were composed by Onaka Megumi, "Umasan" was composed by Hagiwara Hidehiko, "Tetatakinouta" was composed by Mizogami Hideo, and were sung all over Japan. On the other hand, he wrote children's story that is social satiric poems like the rhythmical and refined expression and fantastic poems like "Nekobaba" and "Kaminendo". Moreover he wrote a series of poems which are about atomic bombs such as " Taninnoitasa". He wrote many children's stories which was published after the World War II, and was awarded "the first Sankei child-publishing-culture-prize" in "Aruitayukidaruma" in 1954.

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