Nanatsumori old burial moundナナツモリコフン

It is on a hill which leads to Ogi town that is about 8km from Taketa town area along the national highway No.57 to the Kumamoto region. There are two of each "round burial mound" and "burial mound with a square front and a round back", and the former are 20 m diameter, 4m height, and the latter are 47m full length, 6m height. According to "Nihonshoki" and "Fudoki" and so on, there is a fable that Keiko of 12th imperial ruler of Japan conquered Kumaso. There seem that the Nanatsumori old burial mound had a great deal to do with this emperor. In the investigation in the Taisho era (1912-1926), burial accessories of "six sheets of Dokyo, copper mirrors", "Magatama, comma-shaped bead", "Hekigyokuseikushiro, bracelet which is made from jasper", "Tosu, the sword " and so on was unearthed from the inside of two sarcophaguses.