Meisei Water Bridgeメイセイイロ

It is the aqueduct of large six arch masonry bridge which spans 90m length, 13m height, 4m width and it makes us remember the monuments in Rome and it is proud of the scale which is the largest of Japan. Seicho Matsumoto stayed at Chikudensaryo on June 29th, 1983. He played an active part in the wide fields such as the whodunit, the sociopolitical novel, the period and historical novel, the nonfiction, the ancient history, the contemporary history, and he achieved the great achievement that remains in history of the Japanese literary world. Then, he inspected this Meisei Water Bridge, too. Now, a novel, " the traveller of the poem castle ", was serialized in "Weeks" of monthly magazine and made a teleplay in NHK. The opening scene of this novel is that "office girl Michiko Tajima" who comes from Taketa City in Oita prefecture wrote to the planning department director of the Waei newspaper publishing company. It is the opinion to do an international long-distance relay road race at Provence district in southern France. After that, it is the content that the planning department director Kimura and the department of athletics vice-director Kashiwara go to the preliminary inspection of the road of " Provence long-distance relay road race" according to the story line of her letter.