16 Arhatsジュウロクラカン invite for us under the down of stone steps of Kannon Templeカンノンジ

As you are walking along the road of stone pavement and seeing the Samurai Residences or Godown-style townspeople's houses on right and left, you arrive at 16 Arhats. Arhats are the meaning of the person who has the qualification that receives an offering, and are respected from the people. And it points at a high-ranking priest who opened spiritual enlightenment. When the group of Arhat is 16 persons, it is called 16 Arhats. It is said that it means 16 pupils of Buddha who swore to keep Buddhism importantly. At top of the stone steps, there is Kannon temple that Nakagawa Hisamori '2nd Oka feudal lord' built as prayer place in 1618.