Hirose Takeoヒロセタケオ

Hirose Takeo was born in Chayanotsuji of Taketa City in 1868 and honored as the Mars. He applied for the navy and became the naval ensign in 1891, and then he was ordered to Russian studying abroad in 1897. He gained knowledge of the climate, the culture, the military affairs, the industry of Russia in this place and it seems that he grasped a state of Europe such as British, France and so on. The Russo-Japanese War broke out in 1904 and he died in the battle in Ryojun harbor. He was 37 years old then. He was not only Mars but it finds out also his singular literary genius from the journal, the report, the letter, and so on that he left. Specifically, a lot of his geniuses were found when he was studying abroad in Russia and it is said that he underwent big influence as the literary man by them.