Hirose Shrineヒロセジンジャ

It is deifying navy commander Hirose Takeo who died in Ryojun harbor blockade strategy in the Russo-Japanese War in 1904. Commander Hirose Takeo died in the battle by the direct hit of the cannonball because he was looking for subordinate in the ship without thinking back of danger. This story was sung in the elementary school for elementary school's song. He was born in the second son of Oka feudal clansman. When he became adolescence he joined the sailor, then the martial arts and the literary talent such as the Russian literature, too, excelled.

Main shrine: It was built in 1935. (The material is white
         cedar of Mt. Ali in Taiwan. )
Memorial service tombstone: Asakura Fumio engraved
                    a character.
Mast: It is the mast of the warship that is second
     generation Hiei that is related to the commander Hirose Takeo.