Hakusui Damハクスイエンテイ


The aqueduct of arch masonry bridge and a dam reservoir were constructed in the Meiji era (1868~1912) and continued through the early stage of Showa (1926~) era here and there in this district, so it was able to clear and cultivate waste land for rice crop. In such things, the speed of the water current is adjusted to this dam so as not to fall rapidly because the downstream ground is weak. As a result, the water that falls respectively becomes a white bubble, it's on part of curve of the fall, it's on part of Mushagaeshi "It is like a protecting stones of samurai residences" of the right bank. And then it's on circle stairs of the left bank. The appearance that it produces beauty of water current with three states of style is the excellent fusing beauty of the engineering works technology and the art, and then it makes an observing person marvel at the scenic grandeur without parallel in the rest of the others.