Fukoji Buddha Statues on the Cliffフコウジマガイブツ

It is on cliff of valley in Kamiotsuka, Asaji town that is in about 15 minutes by car from Taketa. Image of Buddha inscribed on the polished cliff of excellent large scale appears on the north cliff where the valley divides the temple and the cliff when descending a steep slope in the dense cryptomeria forest. Acala of Fukouji is the largest class in Japan and the height is 11.4meter. The strong look of this Acala seems to have burned up all worldly desires in this world. It is said that it was made by priest Nichira who was a sculptor of Buddhist images in Kamakura era(1192~1333). Moreover, there are five images of Buddha inscribed on the polished cliff such as the god of treasure and a cave with the temple ( Hall for cedar-stick burning) on the cliff which continues to the right of Acala. Oka feudal clan that dominated this district from 1594 inherited and protected. And it is said that it was built the stage of Kakezukuri or "overhang" for Noh that imitated example in Higashiyama of Kyoto in those days in front of the cave.