Atama cuisineアタマリョウリ Atama cuisine

Taketa district is 60 km to Oita City and also 80 km to Kumamoto City. The people in the past that the traffic was inconvenient could not eat a fresh fish. Therefore, distinctive Atama cuisine was devised. The fish is the fish of the white fish meat of "Masu, sea trout", "Nibe, drumfish ", "Ara,sawedged perch" and so on in the name of this region, and it only handles the head and the entrails of 15-20㎏ , and it washes in the water, it puts salt in the big pot and scalds it. Seasoning to taste with salt and boiling time are different of each part. It exposes the one to water when it finished scalding, and then it suitably cuts it. It eats it by the sauce that is Ponzu, soy sauce mixed with juice pressed from a bitter orange, added Momijioroshi and Chopping leek. It increases a flavor to squeeze "Kabosu" which is grown by Taketa district. The seasonableness of Atama cuisine is from around November, to around March of next year. In summer, it smells bad and it spoils the taste.