Aizen Temple アイゼンドウand The stone with Buddha's footprint inscribed on itブッソクセキ

This temple was constructed by 2nd Oka feudal lord Nakagawa Hisamori for the success prayer to construct the Edo castle in 1635. Aizen Temple is an oldest building in Taketa City. It has been built by a wooden single-layered fixed form structure and Kogawarabuki,Tile-roofing, and then an outside style of Chinese design by using the technique of the Muromachi era (1333-1587). Also, in the back of the building there is "Bussokuseki, the stone with Buddha's footprint inscribed on it". When Budha deceased in India it was circulated through footprints that Budha left it on stone. By the life after death, it is said that it carved the footprint on stone and it was targeted for the belief. It had for a long time remained unknown in deep underground and has been excavated from this site in 1946. The line of the relief is vivid and the length of Foot image of Buddha is 53㎝, width is 24㎝.